Sunday, May 3, 2009

I saw this ad at a bus stop near my home and thought this very interesting.  It's in Spanish and reads "Our children shouldn't see as Goya as just another brand of beans.  Want Art?  Ask for More."    I rarely see anything culturally related in Spanish around Pasadena so I thought this very cool and different.  And low and behold it's by the same people from the cereal add I posted couple of weeks ago, Americans for the Arts.  I went to their website and they even have part of their website in Spanish.  And I found this other ad there (in English) - all to promote the arts and art education in schools.  I like this - there is definitely not enough of this in schools.

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  1. I had seen the Goya commercial in a Spanish channel too and instantly loved it. I think the concept and campaign are great. It really shows the way kids today are a bit corrupted in the sense that most of what they know in music, art, and movies are all recycled in some form. It’s true that thoughts and art have inspired artists through the ages, and there has always been a sort of “recycling” of thought and art. Unfortunately, with all the media and such, ideas like Goya and Homer are mostly relevant with TV shows or brands in kids minds today. I really like the way these advertisements bring consciousness not only to the youth, but to parents as well. Hopefully more families will start taking trips to museums. :)