Thursday, April 9, 2009

I've been looking at European ads and there are many out there that are interesting and humorous.  They are much more entertaining than what we have here.  The top image is from Germany and the other is a MTV ad from Spain.  The ad says: "To love is to give others what we have inside.  Take, this snot is for you."


  1. I find European ads interesting as well. The bottom ad is sweet and different from the MTV ads we see in the US. The MTV ads I've seen are usually full of celebrities, music, and reality tv shows. This Spain MTV ad is a mixture of playful child cartoons and an attitude that even adults have.

  2. The Calvin Klein ad is really interesting. It is so much more intriguing than having a person standing in his/her underwear and nothing else. There is more to look at and the contrast really draws your eyes and makes you want to look.

    The MTV ad is really funny because it looks like a Precious Moments picture, but then you realize the kids are talking about snot. Hilarious!